First Club Starts When?




September 11, 2017 7:27 PM

Club Starts Soon

This means that Club is coming soon at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We can not wait to get this year started.  We have made the plan for the year and we are so excited to see all of you again very soon. 
Make sure to invite all your friends from Camdenton High, Macks Creek High, School of the Osage High, and anyone in the area from High School
Don't forget College students and those just entering college there is Young Life for you as well.  Young Life College is here and waiting for you.  You know the best part is you don't have to be enrolled in college to join us.  Really you just need to be out of high school and 18+.  State Fair Community College, Central Methodist University, and Columbia College are all welcome too.
"I love that everyone can get together on Monday nights. I love the Atmosphere. It starts at 7:27 pm but I show up at 6 pm because I'm so pumped to turn that one hour into a few hours of fun! " -Adam
"Young Life is like a family to me.  It takes all independent groups and allows us to come together and be one.  It allows us to grow deeper in our faith and build new relationships with other high schoolers." - Alex
We go to Young life so we don't live the thug life- LOL" -Macks Creek Peeps
"Young Life is a place for teens to have a blast without all the partying.  Some come already as a believer in Jesus, and some don't but either way, no matter who you are - you are loved.  It's not a place where you are forced to believe but if you are ready to take that step, the leaders are there to help you." - Dennis
"keep Calm  and pray on!" -syd

We have an awesome opportunity for adults in the community who would like to see one piece of what we do to share the love of Jesus with our high school friends. We have Club every Monday evening at 7:27 pm. We can't really explain club, it just has to be experienced! We have an adult guest area, above the chaos, where you can watch what goes on. 
If you are interested in this unique opportunity, contact Brian Walls
@ 573-873-4726

 The Gift of Eternity

We NEED you to reach the next kid with the life-changing love of Jesus.  Prayer, People, and Money are the never ending needs of any ministry.  It's interesting how God has designed us to participate in what He is doing.  Please help us reach a world of lost kids.  YOU are what makes the difference.  Please contact us with any questions. 

Young Life College

Young Life College is for young adults venturing on life after youth groups and the world after high school.  We are looking for any college-aged person in the LOZ area that has a want to get to know like-minded people in their age group in a fun atmosphere.  We meet most Wed. nights at State Fair Community College in Stone Crest Mall @ 6:49.  Join us if you can.
  Please contact Emmy Zimmerman
@ 573-525-1229 or
e-mail @ emmyjoz@lakeoftheozarks.younglife.org
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