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Since 2006, we have been blessed with having volunteer leaders from the area spend hundreds of hours every year building relationships with high school students.  We currently have Young Life at Camdenton High School, but are interested in pursuing ministry within other high schools and middle schools within the area.

Young Life leaders each week go to the high school to meet the students. Volunteers can be found in the lunch room, at practices or games, at the skate park or anywhere a high school kid is found.  Young Life is about adults "going where kids are" and "earning the right to be heard." 
I want to personally invite you to check us out and how it is impacting high school students in Camdenton.  If you want to know more about getting involved or starting Young Life in another school, check out the area contact information on the left. 
I hope you found this information helpful and would love to hear from you as we continue to reach our goal of reaching every kid, everywhere, for eternity.

For Every Kid, 

Adam Van Dam
Area Director
"I love that everyone can get together on Monday nights. I love the Atmosphere. It starts at 7:27 pm  but I show up by 6pm because i'm so pumped to turn that one hour into a few hours of fun! " -Adam
"Young Life is like a family to me.  It takes all independent groups and allows us to come together and be one.  It allows us to grow deeper in our faith and build new relationships with other high sc​​​​hoolers." - Alex 
"we go to Young life so we don't live the thug life- LOL" -Macks Creek Peeps
"Young Life is a place for teens to have a blast without all the partying.  Some come already as a believer in Jesus, and some don't but either way, no matter who you are - you are loved.  It's not a place where you are forced to believe but if you are ready to take that step, the leaders are there to help you." - Dennis
"keep Calm  and pray on!" -syd

We have an awesome opportunity for adults in the community who would like to see one piece of what we do to share the love of Jesus with our high school friends. We have Club every Monday evening at 7:27pm. We can't really explain club, it just has to be experienced! We have an adult guest area, above the chaos, where you can watch what goes on. 
If you are interested in this unique opportunity, contact Adam VanDam 
​@ 573-836-2016


Year End Giving

The end of 2015 is already here! Young Life is a non profit organization that is completely donation funded. Lives of teens in the Lake area are being forever changed by leaders who spend time with them, sharing the love of Jesus but it absolutely couldn't be done without donors who invest financially. And we know each of the lives touched through Young Life Lake of the Ozark will touch countless other lives! Would you like to partner with us as we reach a world of kids for Jesus?  Prayerfully consider making your tax deductible, year end gift to us! 
​​  ​Year-End-Giving.jpg
Hey College Kids and Adults who love College kids

Recently, we've had interest in the college community to start Young Life College at the State Fair Campus in Osage Beach! We are pursuing this as the lord leads and would love if you would be interested in learning more about how to partner with us in this new endeavor! 
​For MOre info:
​​           Please   contact   Adam   VanDam             @ 573-836-2016  or   email   him   at  avandamyl@gmail.com​


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