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Our vision will always be to serve as a lifeline for kids, one kid at a time.  To accomplish this goal, we are seeking to expand our ministry into new schools and communities and to reach further into the pre-teen culture. Over the last seven years, Lake of the Ozarks Young Life has reached many kids at Camdenton High School, but that is not enough.  We are working to develop a strong network of leaders and committee members who will serve specific communities within the county.  With a strong support team of adults focused on these areas we can continue the Young Life legacy in our community.  Over the next few years our goal is to expand into additional high schools and begin middle school Young Life known as Wyldlife.  We have a strategy to get there but we need adults to lead the charge. If you are in the communities of School of the Osage, Eldon, Lebanon, Waynesville, etc.. and you are interested in Young Life being a part of your school, please contact us. We would love to make that happen.

A Personal Account -- Tyler

Before I ever knew about Young Life, I believed in God.  While my brother still lived at home we would go to church together.  I never really knew what was going on and didn't really pay attention, but I felt God existed. Then when when my brother graduated and my dad died I kind of just stopped going to church and lost any connection with God.

Then, my freshman year of high school I met my Young Life leader, Travis, and he told me about Young Life. My friends and I started going to Young Life every Wednesday. I seemed to be gaining more connection with God and believing in him even more than I had before.

It was the spring of 2008 when Travis invited us to experience camp. I was pretty excited but also nervous becuase I didn't know what was going to happen. When we got there, we ate a great dinner then went to club that night. From that moment on at every club, I realized who God was.  The speaker, Nick, made everything about God so clear.  We spent 20 minutes under the stars alone two nights.  Under those stars, I thought about God the entire time, and that is where I began a relationship with him. 

Since camp I have thought about God way more and I try to maintain this relationship with him.  I still hang out with my Young Life leader.  Sometimes we talk about God, and other times we just have fun. 


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